This a  step by step guide to creating the blue print which will lead you directly to the path to reducing your wedding costs. It's time to create your Wedding Budget Bible with 5 key questions that will give you power to reduce the price quoted by any supplier

What this guide will teach you

How to stop compromising and how to create your dream day without endless shopping around or making everything yourself. Get what you want at the price you want it!

Get the inside knowledge on:

  • Your wedding venue
    How to choose a venue that matches your style and budget perfectly.

    How to decorate your venue and create the wow factor without compromising YOUR style or breaking the bank

  • Your wedding dress
    Ways to save over 50% off the cost of your wedding dress. It's not just about sales or buying second hand!

  • Recognise the main areas that are draining your budget
    Eliminate panic spending that could increase your budget by as much as £1,000! Panic spending can be one of the biggest budget drainers and it can be hard to spot!

    How to recognise if you are really being offered a great deal, or just increasing your costs. Never get fooled again!

  • Wedding Catering
    The simple catering tricks that will save you hundreds of pounds even if you have a large guest list. Very few brides know about these!

  • Wedding Photographs
    Easy tips to get your wedding photographs for a fraction of the usual cost. Find out about the one thing most photographers are not prepared to do and why!

The internet is full of advice on how to save money when planning a wedding. But unfortunately most of it relates to shopping around, making stuff yourself or making choices based on cheaper alternatives.  As The Wedding Doctor, I have been creating fabulous weddings through my company PAB Events for over 10 years. I have pulled out all the stops in this programme to share some of the biggest money saving secrets in the wedding industry. I am currently only sharing this information with brides who work with me personally on a one to one basis. But now it is available for YOU. Plus you can get it at the new reduced price!

Here's what couples had to say:

  • The first winner of Living TV's 'Four Weddings'
    Organising a wedding is like cooking a Sunday dinner. By the time you have cooked and prepared everything you’ve lost your appetite........................
    Paula took all my ingredients added a little Paula spice, stirred in a great deal of experience and sieved out all the stress leaving me with the perfect day,and the excitement to enjoy it with all who were invited.
    She reminded me of all the little touches I would have overlooked and she was definitely the one ingredient that my wedding couldn't have done without."


    Amanda Rayner, Gloucester

  • A five star wedding venue for just £100!
    Kaylee & Ashley paid just £100 to hire their wedding venue but created a 5 star wedding celebration!

    A very big thank you to Paula for making our wedding day the fairytale we have always wanted! I haven't just found a wedding planner that clearly has a magic wand..... I have found a friend." 

    Kayee & Ashley, South Wales

  • A dream wedding for just £3,000!
    Naomi & Ricardo had a budget of just £3,000 to cover the cost of their venue, food, venue decorations and management of their wedding day. They were able to create the look they wanted and the food was perfect!

    "We were so gratefull for Paula's expert orchestration of our wedding day. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the previlege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism. EVERY detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were thoroughly impressed. We sincerely thank you for making our wedding day dream come true!"

    Naomi & Ricardo, South Wales

  • Expert negotiations!
    Jane & Stuart were getting more and more frustrated about getting what they wanted from their suppliers. Plus they needed to make it fit with their budget.

    "Paula helped so much to give us the  confidence we could have a wonderful day.  Thank you for taking over the negotiation of all the suppliers who gave us exactly the service we were looking for."

    Jane & Stuart, South Wales

"The Ultimate Money Saving Guide"

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  • Wedding Industry Secrets to get what you want without compromising

About the Author

The main reason I do what I do, is to work with brides who want to create a phenominal day, but don't want to spend over the odds. I have been  creating  wedding days for over 10 years, that are specific to each and every bride both in terms of style and budget. 

Regardless of any budget, every bride loves a bargin but they don't want their wedding to look cheap. One of the best comments I can get from a bride is 'Wow! I didn't realise I could create a day like this with the limited budget I had!'

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